25 Year Old Can Retire a Millionaire

How can a 25 year old who makes $32,000 a year, retire as a Millionaire? Check out these numbers in the article by Clark Howard. Most Millennials have doubts about this working as a retirement plan. The numbers work through the power of compounding interest. Saving for Retirement




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How to Plan Your Social Security Benefits

social.securityPlanning is important for financial success. Understanding how to properly plan for claiming your Social Security Benefits can be critical in its affect on your lifetime income. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has an interactive benefit calculator available to assist you. You can explore your options for claiming your Social Security Benefits and it can help you make a decision of when to claim your benefits.

Interactive Social Security Retirement Benefit Calculator


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9 – 11 We Remember!

We Remember 9 11 Soldiers

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Labor Day Family Circus Cartoon

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