New Tax Law = Bigger Paychecks!

PayCheckAbout 90 percent of Americans will be getting increases in their paychecks due to the new tax law. The deadline for all employers to make the adjustments was February 15th.

Read details at the article by Chicago Tribune, “Your Paycheck will probably get Bigger This Month Because of the New Tax Law.”

How will you spend your extra money? greedy man with money cartoon


IRS Identity Theft Victim Processes FAIL

IRS SealDue to a computer glitch, the IRS failed to notify almost half a million identity theft victims last year. These victim’s information was being used by someone else for employment purposes.

To further complicate the problem, 13% of those who received notifications from the IRS received the notification in error and were NOT victims of identity theft at all.

Read more about the details at the article by Accounting Today, titled “IRS didn’t notify 458,658 identity theft victims”

Identity Theft

Learn about protecting yourself from Identity Theft from the Federal Trade Commission at “Identity Theft Protection Services”

Be careful out there!


Hurry! Tax Tips to Save Tax $$$ for 2017

Hurry now to act on these tax tips to save taxes in 2017 and take advantage of the new tax law just voted into law!

Tax Tips by CPA Practice Advisor

Tax Tips


Keep Your Personal Data Safe!

Data Breach Equifax

We have heard a lot about the Equifax data breach that exposed personal information to 143 million US consumers. Clark Howard has our back once again, and has detailed the issue, and given recommendations. Please act now to safeguard your information today.

Clark Howard: Equifax Data Breach FAQs: Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Be careful out there!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Holt Pros wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Keeping Holidays Within A Budget

thanksgiving-dinnerHolidays are all about spending time with family and friends. Hosting holiday events can ruin your budget, unless you carefully plan. For ideas on how to stay on track with your budget, read Dave Ramsey’s article,

“How to Be a Host Without Spending the Most”.

Enjoy your holidays, while being kind to your budget!






The Real Numbers on the Budget Deficit

a look at the budget cartoonThe March projections on America’s Budget Deficit was projected to reach a 22 percent increase, but the latest projection shows it will be closer to a 35 percent increase or $590 billion.

Read the details of the article: Budget Deficit for FY 2016 Higher Than Originally Projected






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