Entertainment – No Business Deduction in 2018


Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, beginning in 2018, the costs of entertainment expenses are no longer tax deductible. With the old tax law, 50% of entertainment was an acceptable tax deduction for businesses.

Entertainment expenses are for the experiences and events that some businesses have offered clients in the past. Typical entertainment might be 18 holes on the golf course, front row seats at a concert, tickets to sports games or a weekend ski trip.

Business related meals with clients are still 50% deductible. Some businesses may choose to have more dinners, and less experiences/events with clients. Be careful of your choice. Some extremely expensive restaurants with live music, might be considered as entertainment rather than a business meal.

Some businesses may find ways to get around this. Promotional events are deductible as a marketing expenses, so you might see companies brand outings with more advertising, to qualify for the deduction. Tax Tip: The business sales pitch should last the entire duration of the event, rather than just a limited time. 


Happy Thanksgiving!



Holt Pros wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Think less sales and more customer service experience

Spirit of ExcellenceGreat article by Entrepreneur on the importance of the customer service experience. Since it costs more to add a new customer, than to keep an existing one, it makes the recommended focus on customer experience an effective strategy for businesses.

Read more at Why You Should Think Less About Sales and More About the Customer Experience

Quick Tip – Feel Happier At Work

Quick TipTo feel happier at work: Change Your Computer Password!
The average worker has to type a password at least six times each day.
If you make that password something upbeat and positive – like: “GreatJob” followed by your name or “LovinLife” followed by your age – you’ll subconsciously get an emotional boost every time you log on.
That comes from psychologist Dr. Noelle Nelson. Shared by John Tesh from Intelligence for Your Life.

Happy Today


Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~ Abraham Lincoln ~

Quick Tip – Building Client Relationships – Be a Valuable Resource

Quick TipBuilding client relationships require quality service. Providing an exceptional client experience includes being an invaluable resource to your client, all the time. Clients want and need you to provide them information and ideas, to assist them in meeting their business goals. They need your expert and timely guidance, to help them make the tough business decisions, that will excel their business growth. Keeping them informed on new information, and how it applies to their business, is a great way to be a valuable resource. Hand Shake

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.

~ Albert Einstein ~

Quick Tip – Building Client Relationships – Network for Your Client

Quick TipBuilding client relationships require a genuine desire to see your client be successful. Consider how you can turn your contacts into network connections for your client. When you connect your client with trusted and powerful contacts, you will be rewarded with a strong relationship with your client. Hand Shake

The relationship between a client must be “we”. ~ Billy Baldwin ~

9 – 11 We Remember!

We Remember 9 11 Soldiers

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