Cobb County Warms Our Hearts!

APTOPIX Winter Weather GeorgiaThe nation is watching us in the South and wondering why we are having so much trouble with a bit of snow. Here in Georgia, we had unbelievable events occur with businesses, government and schools all closing simultaneously which made traffic a night mare. Almost immediately, the road conditions deteriorated since the temperatures were so very low below freezing. The roads became treacherous with ice. Add it all together with no chains for car tires, and very few sand trucks or snow plows. What few sand trucks we have could not manage to get on the roads because of the traffic.

As I journeyed through Cobb County for 10 and a half hours for what is normally a 45 minute drive with average traffic, I observed the heart of the people of Cobb County and was amazed at how many strangers came together to help one another. They gave from their hearts. Some simply got out and helped others push cars up an icy hill. Others made hot chocolate and gave it away free to motorists on the highway stuck in traffic for hours. Others opened their homes to let strangers stay the night where they could be warm and safe.Angels giving out Hot Chocolate Snow 2014

And the love keeps coming. I have seen the social media sights over run with news of heroes giving helping hands, and posting challenges in Cobb County to help the local charities begin re-stocking their food pantries. There have been posts about giving blood to the American Red Cross since so many blood drives were cancelled due to the weather. Some people simply help by getting the word out about people in need, to those who can help.

No, this is not a post about taxes and accounting. This is a post about people, which is what matters the most in this life. This post is to commend those in Cobb County who are led by their hearts to help others in need. It is time to stop and appreciate those around us that take the time to care for those in need. They are everywhere in America but my favorite ones can be found right here, at home in Cobb County.

So I challenge you to join the opportunity to pay if forward, and help a neighbor in need. Yesterday I simply shared a smile with another woman in the car next to me while stuck in traffic. She smiled back! Sometimes that is all that is needed to help someone else…a smile. Give of yourself, your time, your talent, your resources and pay it forward. We are blessed to be living in the greatest nation in the world. Make a difference in the world around you! Show someone you care. You will end up with a warm heart from your giving.

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