Be Smarter & Use Technology Effectively

Technology brings us convenience but with it comes risk. Be smart and use your technology effectively to reduce your risk and keep yourself and your client information protected. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Attractive Businesswoman with Laptop


  1. Don’t give your name away! Turn off SSID Broadcast in your wireless router & Bluetooth visibility
  2. Make it long & complex…a real pain! Create a strong wireless encryption key.


  1. Switch it up! Change passwords periodically.
  2. Keep ’em guessing! Use familiar information in an unusual way (name of favorite childhood restaurant with vowels missing or characters/numbers in place of letters – McDn1d$)
  3. Use a Pro! Use a password management program. (1Password or RoboForm – takes away some of the pain)


  1. Go on Lock Down! Password protect ALL devices: tablets, smart phones, laptops.
  2. Keep duplicates safely! Backup your data regularly with encrypted offsite storage service.


  1. Don’t spread it around! Protect sensitive information in a password protected document.
  2. Keep a secret! Send the recipient the password for protected documents in a separate email, text or voice message.
  3. Share through the Cloud! Use a file storage service such as SmartVault for file storage and sharing via the cloud.

Be safe out there!

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