Saving Cents


Everyone can use a few ideas on how to stretch their dollars and save a few cents. Give these a try and start making the most out of your hard earned money.

  1. Replace processed foods with homemade.
  2. Cancel or reduce a service.
  3. Piggy bank your change.
  4. Go camping on your next vacation.
  5. DIY your repairs & maintenance.
  6. Buy clothing off season.
  7. Research online before you make purchases.
  8. Unplug…everything.
  9. Find cheap gas at
  10. Time your shopping during Sales Tax Holidays in your state.
  11. Check out free Nook/Kindle books.
  12. Visit your local library.
  13. Make a list & check it twice. Don’t impulse buy!
  14. Refer to shopping deals by the month to plan your purchases.
  15. Get a programmable thermostat.
  16. Teach yourself with DIY videos online.
  17. Buy multipack items (3 toothpastes/package) & combine store coupon with manufacturer coupons for each item in package at BJ’s
  18. Buy gift cards for local & national restaurants & retail chains at 20% off at Costco
  19. Dine at home.
  20. Make charitable donations for a tax deduction if you itemize.
  21. Increase your retirement savings & reduce your taxable income.
  22. Search the internet for coupons before you buy.
  23. Have meatless Monday dinners.
  24. Use SmartyPig to help you save money.
  25. Sell your phone, iPad or Mac on Gazelle for $$$$.
  26. Consignment shop online with ThredUP
  27. Create a No Spending Day once per month.
  28. Buy non-persishable items in bulk.
  29. Brew it yourself & skip the coffee shop prices.
  30. Consider increasing your insurance deductibles to save on insurance premium costs.
  31. Plant a garden.
  32. Replace costly cleaning chemicals with the basics of using water, vinegar and baking soda.
  33. Hang your laundry up to air-dry.
  34. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.
  35. Eat food in season.
  36. Never grocery shop when hungry.
  37. Pay your bills online and save postage.
  38. Towel dry your hair instead of using a hair dryer.
  39. Reuse & Recycle.
  40. Give up soda.

Happy saving!

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