Go Paperless with QuickBooks

Ready to get rid of all the stacks and file drawers full of paper? Scan and connect your documents to your QuickBooks records for permanent filing of your records.

In QuickBooks, Click on the Docs button on the icon bar to open the Document Center or click on Company from the menu bar to choose Documents from the drop down list and select Doc Center.

Load you document in your scanner. Click on the Scan button in the Document Center and follow the instructions. The QuickBooks Scan Manager window will open for you to select a scan profile and page size.

Scan Manager

Click the Scan button to begin the scan process. Choose to scan more pages or click on the Done Scanning button. A window will appear to allow you to name the document, add a description and enter keywords to assist with search functions.

Your scanned document appears in the Doc Center and is available to attach to any transaction or item within QuickBooks.

To Attach Documents:

Find the transaction or item and open it. Click the Attach button. Select the document from the Doc Center and click Attach. Click Done. The document is now attached to the QuickBooks transaction or item. Click Save & Close. Now you can get rid of the paper!

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