Commit to YOUR Future

Looking for ways to trim your costs to save more or to reduce debt faster? Ready to make commitments to yourself to reach your long term goals? If you are ready to make changes now that will benefit you in the future, follow these tips and invest in your future.

Identify Extras to Cut: Identify the extras in your expenses that are not necessities. These items are fulfilling the “wants” in your life and quickly add up to substantial amounts each month. Consider replacing these extras with free or reduced cost substitutions so you don’t feel deprived.

Shop Around:  Research costs before you make your next purchases. Know before you buy to determine if you are getting the best deal for your money. Check the reviews online and compare products. Make buying decisions based on meeting your needs rather than basing them on your wants or how much you can afford. Always get at least three quotes before you renew services such as insurance or lawn care (I know you can mow your own grass but some of us are allergic). Review options on buying products in bulk to save money. Planning before purchasing = Saving Money.

Sell Your Stuff: If you really MUST HAVE that membership or new microwave, commit to selling some of your stuff to pay for the cost. List it on Craig’s List or EBay and get it sold BEFORE you buy the new “must have”. Commit to yourself you can’t have the new item or service unless you come up with the dough to pay for it in advance.

Trade With Others: Have a barter party with neighbors and friends. Find out what each other wants and what each have to offer to barter. You might find yourself being able to use a neighbor’s workout equipment in exchange for sharing your computer. Barter babysitting services with a teen in exchange for driving lessons. Be resourceful. Think outside the box.  

Take Inventory: How many electronic devices do you own? Do you really need to be able to get email on your computer, phone and Nook? Do you really need 4 winter coats living in Georgia? Do you really need two cars and a motorcycle? How much time and money do you spend maintaining all this? Do yourself a huge favor. Take inventory and begin to simplify your life by eliminating excess and extras. Sell what you can, barter for what you need, or make a charitable donation and get a tax deduction. Base decisions on what you NEED rather than what you WANT. Get back to the basics of living and being able to enjoy what is important…the people in your life, not the things.

Take these tips all the way to the bank. Increase your savings and reduce your debt faster. Making changes now will benefit your future. Simplify your life and enjoy the rewards.

I invite you to share your ideas on how you found ways to save money and simplify your life. Everyone loves to hear new ideas to try! Post your comments to share.

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