This Accountant Can Count!

In case you didn’t notice I added these cool countdown calendars in the left hand column at the bottom. They help track how many months or days until the next big tax deadlines. You will notice we have September 17th (normally the 15th but it falls on the weekend) displayed for the tax filing deadline for corporate and partnership returns that filed an extension and for the next quarterly estimated tax payment due date. Both show the proper number of months until the deadline.

The third countdown calendar is October 15th when individuals are required to file their 1040 tax return if they filed an extension. Look closely, it shows that October 15th comes in 3 months! Well, being a numbers gal, I caught this right away and checked my settings for the widgets and all looks great. I have sent a support email to WordPress (King of the blog kingdom) to ask them why the calendar countdown can’t count. They haven’t responded…rest assured I will follow up since details are my thing (next to numbers). In the mean time, I may have to take it down since it pains me when the number don’t add up! Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next due dates.

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