IRS Flexible?

Hard to believe but the IRS is getting a bit more flexible with their Fresh Start incentives. They announced more flexible terms in their Offer in Compromise policies. Read the latest in the Forbes article by my favorite tax attorney, Robert McKenzie – New IRS Offer In Compromise Policies – Forbes.

These new terms allow some taxpayers the chance to resolve their tax issues in about two years rather than four to five years under the previous terms. With the flexible policies, many taxpayers are now eligible for consideration of tax issue resolution that may have not qualified under the old terms.

If you have tax problems haunting you, I recommend you consult with a trusted tax advisor to discuss how these changes might help you resolve your tax issues.  Make sure your advisor has experience with handling offers in compromise with the Internal Revenue Service and is familiar with your rights as a taxpayer in representing you before the IRS. If you do not have a trusted tax advisor, visit the National Association of Enrolled Agents online to find an Enrolled Agent in your area. Amongst my esteemed colleages, you will find me. If I can assist you with your tax issues, please contact me. Let the Fresh Start program give you a fresh start!

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