Helping Veterans Get Back to Work – US Department of Labor

Our military serve to protect us, our families and the very freedom this country was founded upon that we hold so dear. Their enormous sacrifices should be honored. The honor should not end with the completion of their tour of service. Our commitment to honor them should continue as they re-enter the private sector and become our neighbors. The challenges with this transition are many and among those is the need for employment.

I am pleased to share America recognizes the challenges our veterans face and is giving back to our veterans. The US Department of Labor just announced:

Today, the Department of Labor and the Veterans Administration is proud to launch Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) to help get unemployed veterans back to work. This program offers 12 months of training assistance to veterans who are 35 to 60 years old, unemployed and not eligible for other VA educational benefits.  The VA will provide $1,473 per month in financial support for eligible veterans and DOL will offer employment assistance to every veteran who participates or applies to VRAP.  If they put in the effort, we vow to help.

Under this program, eligible veterans will receive benefits to cover the costs of education and training courses offered by community colleges or technical schools, which lead to an associate degree or certificate in high-demand occupations like healthcare, technology and other fields.  Veterans will receive assistance at any one of the nearly 3,000 One-Stop Career Centers across the county, which are administered by DOL’s Employment and Training Administration.                Read the entire announcement.

As a taxpayer, I am glad to see our tax dollars being spent to honor our veterans and assist them in preparing for employment. Their courage and commitment to our freedom deserves our gratitude. America can now pay it forward to our veterans. Veterans Day should be every day.

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