10 Important Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

Manta offers some great tips for Customer Service for Small Businesses. Click on the link below to read  them and compare to your customer service. In today’s competitive market, delivering quality customer service may be the one factor that gives you the edge over your competition.

10 Important Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses | Manta Small Business Center.

In the last week I have experienced sales clerks that do not smile, coffee shop staff that do not utter a word when they give you your coffee, and a professional interrupt an active conversation to conduct their business. All these actions reflect on the business they represent. It appears some very basic lessons in manners would be beneficial.

What happened to “Service with a Smile”? Adding a simple thank you to the end of an order goes a long way in leaving a customer with a positive experience. As employers, we need to understand that simple manners are not always taught at home. You may find yourself with the need to instruct staff with basics of  “it is not polite to interrupt when someone is talking”.

I noticed two important words on a business card I was handed this week…Expect Excellence. I really like that. This firm understands the importance of identifying their customers needs and desires, and then delivers. Wouldn’t you like to do business with someone whose goal is to deliver excellence? We all would, including your clients.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your firm promote a Spirit of Excellence?
  • How can you improve your customer service giving your clients an expectation of excellence?
  • Can you think of new ways to enhance your customer service to deliver excellence?
  • How are you training your staff to deliver quality customer service?
  • Do you set an example to your staff that promotes a spirit of excellence?

I challenge you to re-define your customer service using a spirit of excellence. Your efforts will be rewarded through the successful growth of your company. Positive actions deliver positive results.

I know excellence is out there! Share your story on your experience with a spirit of excellence. Get it the spirit and post your comments!

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